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Got Pain?

A couple of weeks ago I woke up to an unusual pain or strain in my neck/head/left shoulder. I retraced the previous day's events and couldn't figure out why or where this pain emanated. This appeared to have happened in my sleep overnight. The only thing I could think of was that I sometimes carry a heavy load in my laptop satchel which I sometimes carry on my left shoulder. Regardless of how the, we'll call it strain, appeared, I was looking for any way to eliminate my pain.

Three of my go to options for eliminating pain are getting a massage, going to my acupuncturist/chiropractor or taking a salt bath. I took care of two out of the three above. First, I decided to take a long hot Epsom salt bath where I included dried herbs, such as eucalyptus, lavender and even added coconut and essential bath oils. And because I am a Pisces and not only love the water, I also absorbed my spirit in some very calming and soothing music at a 432 Hz resonance which is a tone to bring peace throughout the mind, body and spirit. This most definitely relaxed me. (look up 432 Hz or other resonances of music on YouTube)

The next day however, I still had the strain but now the discomfort was only in my neck and left shoulder. I decided to contact my acupuncturist and attack the strain one step more. At my appointment, Nicole, the acupuncturist asked me what I was in for. I explained that I had pain in my neck and left shoulder but mentioned that I wasn't sure how it happened, possibly in my sleep but could have been caused by my heavy shoulder bag. Nicole said to lay on the table face down, back expo and she would address my needs using small acupuncture needles along the energy meridians to alleviate the stress on not only my neck and shoulder but up and down various trigger points on my body to relax me throughout. As I was laying on the table, I could feel the needles Nicole was placing in various energy centers. Some of which were a little more prickly than others. And because Nicole is very attuned to the body and her client's reactions, she asked if I was in pain or normally a bit jumpy. I told her that I didn't have a big threshold of any sort of pain in my body and that yes, I could be a bit jumpy. She then asked me if I would prefer smaller gage needles so it wouldn't be as painful so I said yes. I asked Nicole to also give me a full chakra working to open up all of my chakras. She placed the needles in their respective positions and said this would truly relax me. She then placed a heat lamp above my left shoulder, neck area to absorb the heat in that needed strained spot. She then placed a buzzer in my hand in case I needed her for any reason. After she left the room, I melted into the table after blissing out to the soft meditation music in the overhead speakers. When she came back after approximately 45 minutes, I was a puddle. She kindly asked if I wanted more time to which I said Yessssss.... Fifteen minutes later and Nicole removed all of the needles from my body. She asked if I wanted some camphor/tea tree oil on my back and I responded an immediate Yessssss... I didn't care if I smelled like medicine cabinet, I was looking for relief and I found it in this entire process.

And while I still have yet to get that full body massage that I so crave, I know that eventually I will work that into my schedule as the Universe allows. For now however, I have incorporated a new and fourth method of energy and pain relief - I am able to use my latest Gift of Reiki on myself. I always heard of friends who had this same Gift and were able to heal themselves and others using Reiki. I just never thought I would be doing the same for myself. I always wanted to learn how to do this and so after I was trained and attuned to this spiritual Gift called Reiki, I began to use it on myself.

I've always known that I had a deep healing ability. One of which I can physically feel in my hands. The energy flows and sometimes vibrates quickly up and down my arms from my heart chakra and in and out through my arms and hands. Heat radiates from my hands at times and at other times the energy and temperature are subtle. I've used my Gift on friends, family, myself and even my senior dog Cassie. Cassie loves this treatment but then again, she loves touch energy. She begs for it on many occasions. I like to call her an Energy Hound. She soaks it up.

So in conclusion to my question in the title "Got Pain?" If you do have pain, then do something about it. Find a way, several ways to relieve your pain. It doesn't even have to cost you a fortune. Again, as I mentioned above - salt baths do work. It's not an overnight solution but if done consistently, salt baths can eliminate the toxins held within the body. Do not let the pain or blockage settle in the body and grow larger or worse yet - hinder your livelihood. Work it out, massage it out, needle it out or consult or contact me to assist you with a method or appointment in releasing your pain or energy blockage using Reiki.

I am here to be of service and even be an example that pain can be relieved. Just ask me how.

And that pain in my neck and shoulder? While there is a slight residual of pain still in the area at the time of this writing, I am able to move my neck and left shoulder again normally and without the strain or discomfort I once felt before. I went from a level 7 to a level 1 of pain. I am working it through and out of my body. Pain Be GONE!

(Note to my readers: If you have never been to an acupuncturist and are a bit squeamish about needles, you can always ask for smaller gage needles to make your experience less painful. And please know, acupuncture is truly not painful. Sterile single use needles are used so it's safe to do. It takes a mindset of allowance to let the body relax into the process. I use deep breathing during the process to assist me into a deeper relaxation. I do the same deep breathing in deep tissue massage or any other bodywork for that matter. If acupuncture isn't for you, then consider acupressure. It uses the same philosophy and techniques of using the meridians or energy placements in the body to alleviate pain, blockages or pressure)

One of my latest options is using my own Gift of Reiki on myself.

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