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Why Reiki?

Simply put, our bodies are made of and run on energy. There are billions of electrical impulses and charges of energy being sent through the body and energy fields throughout the day. Sometimes this energy gets stuck and creates blockages within the body which can sometimes cause pain, dis-ease or discomfort. By eliminating this stuck energy either in the physical, etheric body or the chakras - the mind, body and spirit come back to it's true authentic self. It becomes balanced.

This is where I come in, I am attuned as a Reiki Practitioner to clear out these stuck energies and blockages caused by every day stress or circumstances. I use Source Energy to re-balance my clients with my hands-on, hands-off or Reiki distance healing to intuit and guide me in assisting them to a better authentic self.

Click on my website and book an appointment with me today. I am happy to share my Gifts and knowledge with you.

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